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The Chapelton Community Interest Company is responsible for maintaining and managing the common areas highlighted in yellow on the town masterplan below. For the 12 months following completion they will be maintained by the civils contractor, WM Donald. The purple roads will be adopted by the council and before this they will also be managed by WM Donald. 

In addition the CCIC’s role is to help to create a sense of community and within that remit it is responsible for maintaining this website. Initially this will be run by EDC with input from residents with the view that it will be run by residents themselves in the fullness of time.  An AGM will be held every Spring (click here to view minutes) and a set of accounts showing how the community charge is spent published (click here), including notes on the accounts  click here

There is a resident member on the Liaison Committee Group which meets 4 times a year and this will increase with time.  Any concerns/issues affecting the wider communities are discussed at this forum such as Education, Transport and Health. The representative will convey residents issues to these meetings and can be contacted through liaison@chapeltonlife.co.uk.  

GDPR Fair Processing Notice: This notice explains what information we collect, when we collect it and how we use it Click here

Lastly, it is also your first point of contact for any alterations or additions to your property. Click here to view a list of downloadable documents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on info@chapeltonlife.co.uk  or via mobile on 07842 764373 if you need any further information.