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 All the latest news from Chapelton


Published: 2019-05-01

If you haven't planted a tree before and would like to, please come along to the tree planting, also for those who have joined us to plant a section of the woodland in previous years, we would really appreciate a bit of help with care for the areas which have been planted to ensure the trees achieve their full potential.   In any case it will be an opportunity to meet some new neighbours & after a short bit of work we will have a barbecue.  Weather not looking too bad either!

To assist us with ordering the right amount of food, it would be great if you could let us know if you'll be joining us, by emailing me CCIC_admin@chapeltonlife.co.uk

Thanks Carol


Published: 2019-01-29

The design approach is to minimise road markings and signage in an effort to reduce clutter and retain the quality appeaarance of the development.   The vast majority of properties have access to adequate private parking.   Most also have reasonable access to public parking spaces either on street or within the lanes.

On street parking is available to all subject to the constrainst of the Highway Code e.g.

  • not parking close to corners,
  • not obstructing dropped kerb pedestrian crossing points.
  • not obstructing junctions,
  • not obstructing access for service and emergency vehicles etc.

Drivers should also consider that their insurance company is unlikely to be sypathetic to them if their car is damaged when parked in contracvention of the Highway Code.

Please see attached note that we / residents could use to put on poorly parked cars, hopefully this helps.

Stagecoach Airport Buses

Published: 2019-01-29

Sorry for any confusion regarding the bus service, whilst Black Street is closed.   The service will continue coming into Chapelton and will go down Murray Street then turn back at the end of Murray Street, until work is completed.

Stagecoach Airport Buses

Published: 2019-01-28

I think many of you will have noticed, buses regularly coming through Chapelton, this has taken us by complete surprise too.

It is a Hail and Ride system at present and no bus stops at present, they will review the uptake at the end of the first month.   Please use it as it will then become a regular route.

It travels on an anti-clockwise route  > Greenlaw Road > down Black Street > along Murray Street > back on to Greenlaw Road and down to the Park and Choose.

We have been advised you should have all received a leaflet advising of this service, but we believe no leaflets were distributed by Stagecoach.

For more information please go on to the www.stagecoach.com



Published: 2019-01-27

Continuing on from the table top remedial works which were recently completed in Murray Street.   Works have now started at the junction of Black Street / Greenlaw Road and will be ongoing until the end of the week.   WM Donald will strive to minimise noise and disruption, through these works, although if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Phil Edgley of WM Donald


Published: 2019-01-24

We are delighted to announce Steve Dows is our new liaison representative.     A huge thank you goes to Andy Dodds who has covered this role for the past year and done a great job.   He is moving on due to work and we wish him and his family all the very best.

This is also a reminder to you all, that if you would like to raise an issue which is a wider community one (education, roads, health) then please can you send through to liaison@chapeltonlife.co.uk


Published: 2019-01-22

Just to let you know you may see some activity this week up in the Cairnhill Woodland.   

 We are keen to continue to actively manage the wood for the future as this is planned to be in the site of a neighbourhood amenity and play area.   In this first phase we intend to make the wood safe by removing the windthrown Lodgepole Pine and any other individual trees which are likely to fall down any time soon.   This will create an irregularly-shaped clearing in the middle of the wood as we want to leave as many good trees around the clearing as possible to screen the new opening.    The aim is to retain as much of the woodland's amenity and character as possible during the extraction process, leaving the gorse, rocky outcrops and drystone wall intact as far as practicable.   This will leave an attractive small wood next to the existing country trail which residents can enjoy once works are complete.

The second phase in continuing the active management of the woodland is to replace the planting with more diverse woodland trees and shrub species and this is proposed for a later date.


Chapelton Community Interest Company - Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 6.30pm

Published: 2019-01-15

Dear Residents,

You should have received notification of the forthcoming CCIC Annual General Meeting.

It would be great if you could please advise of your intention to attend by emailing me on CCIC_admin@chapeltonlife.co.uk

Hope you can make it.

Thanks Carol Leslie





Communication from WM Donald - TM Plan - Table Top Remedial Works

Published: 2019-01-07

"Residents of those affected, WM Donald are carrying out improvement works to the table top spkeed ramps highlighted in the attached diagram, work shall commence on the 1st ramp of 4 on the 8th January 2019.   Each ramp will be completed in isolation of the next one commencing.    Access will be as highlighted below, please do not hesitate to enquire also with a WMD emploree.   Fotpath's will remain open during the works.  We will of course strive to minimise noise and disruption through these works.

Childrens Play Area

Published: 2018-06-15

In response to the interest in further children's play provision, we have been doing a good bit of research over the past weeks and have come up with a solution.   This would be to provide a small temporary site (as the main one is master-planned to be in the neighbourhood centre and therefore some time away) and suggest the location below as it is as central as we can manage, sheltered from the wind and there are no immediate plans to build upon the area.

We have selected the play equipment below and would propose to put a fence around the permimeter to avoid problems with dogs.   We have manged to cross the insurance hurdle but will still need to apply for planning permission.   We would hope that your support will help us achieve this.  However, before we go to planning we would appreciate your comments

ChapeltonLife on Facebook?

Published: 2017-10-06

We are finding it very difficult to use this website to communicate information speedily and usefully and have decided to convey the news via Facebook and ChapeltonLife page.  It is also a closed page for residents only but we are aware that some of you may not use facebook. 

Please can you email info@chapeltonlife.co.uk if you are unable/do not want to be part of the move forward and we will try and make an alternative arrangement.

If you do wish to receive through Facebook  go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/368410440241504/?ref=br_rs and send a request.  We can then verify you.


Published: 2017-08-03

Anyone wanting to use the dial a ride service to the Park and Choose can they please note the new number to call for a lift.  

The number is 07593 557 655.  You can use this free service to the bus stop but must give a day's notice to ensure a pick up.