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Altering your property

The Scheme of Management has been established to ensure that future changes to properties are managed so they align with the quality and harmony of Chapelton. All property owners seeking to make external alterations to their property are required to obtain approval from the CCIC as well as applying for planning permission from Aberdeenshire Council. We always recommend applying to the CCIC first, but in most cases you will need the approval of both the Council and CCIC before proceeding with your planned works.


Chapelton is unique and unlike many other housing developments which do not have a Scheme of Management. In addition, Aberdeenshire Council has removed the permitted development rights usually afforded to homeowners, which means you must obtain planning permission for external changes to your property. Again, this is different from many other housing developments as a higher standard of design controls operate within Chapelton to protect the value of your property. The CCIC operates different design standards to Aberdeenshire Council: just because one body approves your works it will not always follow that the other will too. However, if approved by the CCIC, the expectation is that proposed alterations will also be approved by Aberdeenshire Council.

The reason for this approach in Chapelton is to protect the design and special aesthetic of the town now and in the future. This will ensure the quality of the built environment does not decline over time and will also assist in preventing unsuitable alterations which have the potential to affect your house price adversely in the future.

Failure to apply to the CCIC for alterations to your property may result in a breach of contract, which could result in legal action and may prevent the successful sale of your property. You need to check your Deed of Conditions for further information, as this website only provides a summary overview of the process. Failure to apply to Aberdeenshire Council for planning permission where required could result in enforcement action by the Council.

Applying to the CCIC for permission is straight forward. We have produced a 10-step guide that explains what you need to do from first thinking about a potential alteration, right through to completing the work. Please view ‘Applying to the CCIC’ for more information.

You can find out more about the requirement for planning permission from Aberdeenshire Council.


It is important that you retain any correspondence and Approvals from the CCIC as this will be needed when you sell your property.